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When it comes to handwritten exams, this stress leads students to write as fast as possible, while making the writing neat is forgotten. This results in hastily scribbled answers which are unreadable by the teacher.

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Here are a few techniques to help you write more quickly while keeping your work neat. Choose the right kind of pen or pencil Selecting the correct type of pen is crucial to speed and neatness since some pens write more smoothly than other, and some smear more easily.

How to make good handwriting in exam

However, holding on too tightly can lead to a sore hand, which will slow you down and make your writing harder to read. Use your arm to write This technique goes along with not holding on too tightly.

Instead of moving only your wrist and fingers when you write, try moving your forearm. This will take the pressure off your hands, and allow you to write for a longer period of time without getting stiff and sore.

Gel ink pens come in a wide variety of colors but can dry out quickly. I was a history major, and this was my method for 50 minute lecture notes across pages, 25 page finals 5 blue books! Another tip is to not grip the pen too tightly - in moments of writing stress when you want to get an idea out before it goes, the temptation is to grip the pen harder. Graphology Instructor mentioned that a print-script style is often developed to save time and how to make good handwriting in exam while writing. Pack my red box with five dozen quality jugs. I've trawled the net of course, but all my search terms seem to hit pages more targetted at approaches to creative writing. Support the bottom of the pen against the side of your middle finger. Writing More Quickly by Hand 1 Make outlines. Using shorthand, your written speed may be able to, if you work hard at it, reach wpm — the speed of a court stenographer!

Also, moving more of your arm leads to larger letters, which tend to be easier to read than small, cramped letters. Adjust your grip on the pen or pencil Having the most comfortable grip will allow you to hold on to your pen or pencil without hurting your fingers.

How to make good handwriting in exam

It sounds like common sense, but often students in exams are focused on what they are writing down, and not at all on how they are writing. Holding on too close to the end of the instrument makes it easier for your fingers to slip off, which will lead you to hold on more tightly. Find the right paper position Slant handwgiting paper at an angle somewhere between 30 and 45 degrees find your best angle to your body.

Don't worry about your own personal voice even if you're writing a story or poem. Melanie Jolliffe, winner of the bronze medal at the December exam sitting, goov The examiners for Papers F7, F8, P3 and P4, P7 are among those in recent sittings to complain about poor handwriting. Otherwise you're taking more time to recall the shorthand than you would be simply writing in longhand.

Then move your paper over to your right or left, if you are a left-hander shoulder. This allows you to have a more fluid and comfortable writing posture.

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Practice makes perfect Article source preparing for your exam, try writing out your notes or practice how to make good handwriting in exam by hand instead of on a computer. This will help your hand get used to writing instead of typing.

This can cause problems in terms of fluidity of penmanship. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, I like the Pilot G2. Just as you did in the previous section, you should move on to actual words, sentences, and paragraphs once you have grown comfortable with the individual letters. On the other hand smooth paper will not absorb ink as fast and you may have trouble with smudging. Repeat four to five times.

Also, try timing yourself to see what your natural writing speed is. This will help you get an idea of how quickly you write, and how long it takes before your writing starts to get messy.

Practice using the techniques above, and by the time you go into your exam they will come naturally.


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